Saturday, June 20, 2009

have you already heard about East Coast Saunas ? well me, it's even my first time to visit this website about far Infrared Saunas. it has cool features, like dvd player, magazine rack, oxygen ionizer and the like. it's like a house, it's super relaxing.

the image above is an example of a far Infrared Sauna. guess what? they sell it for a low price, i mean $3,395.00 is worth right? it can fit many people already. the lowest price is $1,995, it's good for 2. i want to have one, cause as what i have read on the testimonial's page it can help you lose weight! haha! i so want to lose weight! so if you're interested to buy go visit East Coast Saunas. you'll never regret visiting and buying it!

what we could have been, 8:48 AM.
Friday, June 19, 2009

have you heard about goldcoinsgain.com? if not yet, go visit it. they sell true and real gold bullion coins. i was super amazed when i saw the gold coins that they're selling.

here's one of the coins that they're selling. oooooh, so shiny. if only i have the money, i'll buy them all and collect. it's really nice collecting some gold things like coins.

it's really the first time that i've seen certified gold coins. i wish i could really buy them. but anyway for those gold lovers and is rich, why not visit it? go now!

what we could have been, 5:49 PM.


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